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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Achieve Fitness Success With Dumbbell Weights

By Darryl Jones

You can reach your fitness goals effectively by using dumbbell weights. These consist of a short bar and have a metal disk or ball at each end. They are very popular in gyms due to their effectiveness in being able to target specific muscle groups such as the biceps, triceps or quadriceps, to name but a few.

When used often enough a dumbbell can help to tone the muscles. Toning is what results when the muscles look smoother and more defined with fat being reduced. It is important to note that toning is different to gaining muscle and requires a dumbbell that is not too heavy which will allow one to do many repetitions.

Dumbbells are an effective and versatile way to tone all the major muscle groups; these would include the triceps, biceps. Quadriceps, hamstrings and legs. By using these weights and ensuring that they are not too heavy, a good cardiovascular work-out can also be achieved. Using very heavy weights will prevent you from doing many reps but will allow you to build muscle.

Quite a few people are able to use it effectively to develop strength and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, the cost of gym fees can be quite exorbitant and this is where dumbbells provide the perfect alternative. A very high level of fitness and well-being can be achieved by using them consistently.

It has been proven that the most effective way of dealing with stress is through exercise. People are encouraged to lead more active lifestyles in the quest to live not only healthier but also happier lives. Endorphins are released which is a positive side-effect of exercise that helps people to feel good after a physical work-out.

It is critical to see a doctor before starting a fitness program. You want to be assured that your health will not be compromised in your quest to reach fitness. Reaching fitness will only be accomplished by being consistent in your approach and knowing that progress can take time. Pushing your body to points of exhaustion and pain is never an option; exercise intensity must be increased gradually.

The effectiveness of dumbbells has certainly changed the make-up of many fitness and exercise workouts. Most gyms come very well equipped with these and their use is encouraged to promote good muscular toning and development. Quite a few aerobic classes often include a set of light weights as part of the exercise routine.

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