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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Workouts to Tone the Buns and Thighs

By Jim Davies

The buns and thighs can be inflexible areas of the body when it comes to solidifying them and getting rid of excess fat. While belly fat can be challenging to burn off, the lower body can be at least as tough. Nevertheless if you do the right exercises and continue with them, you'll be able to attain your goals at some point. To help you make faster progress, we'll take a look at some proven bodybuilding workouts to give you the buns and thighs you've always wanted.

Doing lunges is a great way to work out the front part of your thighs. You can increase the challenge of this exercise by adding weights. Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart to start this exercise. If you're going to be using weights, hold a dumbbell in each hand. Then step one leg forward in a long stride, while keeping your back straight and inhaling. Slowly bend your knee while shifting your weight to your front leg. The rear knee should bend as well, and go as low as you can without straining. Pushing up with the front leg, exhale and return to the starting position. Always do the same number of reps per leg and work on increasing the number of reps you can do.

Kettle bells are an effective way to work out your entire body. Kettle bells, a type of dumbbell that originated in Russia, are designed to help increase your flexibility and endurance as well as your strength. They are available at sporting supply stores or online and come in a variety of different weights. First, you should consult a certified kettle bell instructor or buy a DVD that will teach you how to use them properly. Kettle bell workouts, unlike traditional weight lifting, tend to focus as much on aerobics as toning the muscles, which makes them great for burning fat and toning the body at the same time.

You can give yourself a thorough lower body workout that targets your thighs and buns by using fitness bands, also known as resistance bands. These are trouble-free, transportable and fairly inexpensive exercise instruments you can acquire at a sporting goods store or on the web, and let you work every area of your body. You can execute seated leg extensions, thigh abductions, stretches and a number of other exercises that you'd otherwise need to visit the gym for. With a fitness band, you can do your workout anywhere, and you can work any muscle group you want in a few minutes.

While bodybuilding routines for the buns and thighs can be taxing, several of the exercises you can do for these areas can also be pleasurable. The more pleasing that you believe your exercise program to be, the more prompted you'll be to perform it frequently and keep doing it until you get results. Inside this article, we've discussed some ideas for workouts, and you might want to try one or more of them either at home or at the gym.

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