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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to Get Muscles Fast the Right Way

By Franklin Stewart

While how quickly you put on muscle is partly determined by your genes, anyone can build muscles fast if they apply themselves and follow a good exercise program. What often happens instead, is that people want to see results almost immediately, and when that doesn't happen, they get fed up, think they're a lost cause, and quit trying. That's a shame.

Well, if you've been in this situation, don't give up. The reason that you weren't successful is because you didn't know how to go about trying to build up your muscles in the right way. If you want to get muscles fast this is a method that will definitely work:

Increase Muscle Tone

No matter what your goal is in your muscle-building workout, strong abs, or better definition in your body in general, an established workout routine will certainly help if you choose the right routine and do it correctly. The main thing here is not to try and do everything all at once. Just take specific areas of your body and focus your efforts on them one by one.

Supplements -- Check out some of the more popular supplements on the market like Creatine. Although some people are against using supplements to build muscles fast, they can be very useful. They can give the body a nice, high dose of protein that is the basis of all muscles. Use only natural supplements as directed.

Healthy Diet -- Get rid of all junk food. That's right. Take all the junk food in the house and throw it away and don't dare to buy more. A healthy diet packed full of lots of vitamins, nutrients and minerals is what you need if you want to build up your muscles fast. And don't for get the protein. For a successful muscle building program you must increase the amount of protein you consume.

Weight Lifting -- It isn't a given that you must start out lifting the heaviest weights you can manage based on the theory that the heavier the weights are, the more muscle mass you build up. When you begin your weight lifting regiment, take the time to choose a weight that is right for your body type. Too heavy is not good.

Personal Trainer -- Sticking to the best exercise program and following the proper procedures is a vital part of the success of your muscle building efforts. A personal trainer will be able to give you proper direction and assistance, along with a nice dose of encouragement.

Abdominal Muscles

1. Loose Weight -- To gain those strong and toned abdominal muscles, you need to lose any additional weight around the stomach area. Switch to a low fat diet that's low in calories. Cut out all sugar and fats, and be sure to drink lots of water.

2. Use an Abdominal Workout -- The purpose in building abdominal muscles is to tighten up the midsection and get better muscle tone. You must do leg lifts for the lower part of the abdomen and sit-ups for the middle and upper parts.

3. Increase Your Metabolism Rate -- If you raise the rate of your metabolism, your body will consume more fat and calories. This will improve muscle tone. To do this you should only eat small meals about every three hours. Eating a big supper late in the day will work against your goal of building your abdominal muscles.

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