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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Top Tips On Weight Bench Workouts

By Ilse Guaman

The weight bench is a must have equipment in any gym. This equipment is usually about two feet from the ground, three feet in length and one foot wide. Some of the commonest weight bench workouts are discussed below.

This equipment can be adjusted to some extent to do either declined or inclined exercise. In most cases, it has a rack that is used to support the barbell. This equipment can be used to work the chest, abdominal and the arms.

Chest Muscles

The weight bench can be used to work the chest muscles using either the dumbbells or the barbell. The dumbbells are used to do dumbbell fly while the barbell is used to do bench press. To do a dumbbell fly, you will sit on the weight bench as you lift the dumbbells overhead. To do a bench press, you will lie on the bench as you hold the barbell bar. You will then control the weight as you try to lower it to your chest and back to its original position.


This piece of equipment together with dumbbells can be used to developed strong arms. For example, you can have the weight bench inclined at some angle then lie on it holding the dumbbells on each arm. You will then curl the dumbbells upwards.

Also, you can lie on the bench and place the barbell directly below your head on the floor. You will then lift the barbell from the floor. Stretch your arms outward while holding the barbell and control the weight back to the floor. This work out can be good for developing strong triceps.

Neck Muscles

Have some weights attached to neck flexions which will be wrapped around your head. While lying on your back, you can try to lift the suspended weights using your neck muscles. Be sure that the weight is safe least you break your neck or injure your neck muscles.

Working The Abdominal Muscles

The abdominal muscles can be worked using the weight bench. In fact, you do not need to have some weights to work this muscle group. However, you can use weights to enhance the effect of the exercise.

This weight bench workout involves you seating on the edge of the bench and supporting your upper body using your arms. You will then lift your feet from the ground and extend them to some angle. Ten reps are enough to build you strong abdominal muscles. Generally, the above are the most common weight bench workouts.

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